What features are in the app?

Our app is very user friendly. You create your own profile, add your preferred friends, join specific content groups, send private messages, share articles, share photos + videos, find useful documents in the resource library of group files. You can be in as many groups as you want. We offer mandatory groups (this functions like a community wall), public groups, private groups and secret groups. You can create your own groups and events with our request function. There is a live streaming option. Your Groups will be in the top of the app with a reel feature from left to right. Your activity wall is below with your “feed” from all your groups. If you have suggestions on features – let us know as we are always looking to improve our member’s experience.

How do the groups work?

In the app you will automatically be added to “the community” and “KNN- Krunchola News + Notifications”. The community group is where ALL members can post and everyone can see every post in this group. In KNN- only news, app updates and app related information will be posted, all members will be able to see content but will not be able to create content. We have “The Daily Krumb” group that is an article based group with relative post in a journal / blog / news brief type group. There will be topic specific groups i.e. breastfeeding support, non- toxic living, homeschooling, etc. You can join as many groups as you wish. Some groups are public, some are private and some aren’t searchable at all as they are secret. Each group will set their own content rules and the group admin will moderate group content.

Being a group admin- give me the details.

For your group- you can choose the privacy. If the group is public anyone can join and will not require any approval. If it’s private then all members will need admin approval. There aren’t questions to ask prior to approval; however you can use alternative options if you need this feature. In your group description you can list the admin. You can request that each member that wants to join your group send you a friend request. Then you can verify their account for your group with private messages, an email form or you can have a link in your groups description that lists an external form for members to complete to join. We can discuss all the options if you need assistance. Once members are in your group you can set your group as “admin” only posting and all members posting. If you usually have a pre-approval post set up, you can have the members send you a message with their question. Then as the admin you can post the questions for your members either as an image or copy/paste text. Group admins moderate all their groups content.

Can I start a group?

If you are not a current group admin and would like to start a group on krunchola- yes you can. We have a “start a group” form to submit with all the details you want for your group (i.e group name, url, images, files, type of group, etc). The admin team will then create your group.

Can I share images, videos, articles, external links,..etc?

Yes, you can! You have the ability to share all those things. You can share these within any group – just check with your group’s admin. The community group you can share anything you like. This is platform wide.

Who can see my posts?

Anyone in the group you post in. If it is in the community group then all members will be able to see the post. If it is in any other public or private group only members of that group will be able to see it.

Do you censor any content?

Group admins have control to moderate the content within their group. We will not be reviewing every post to see the content. We have protocols in place that if a post is labeled as inappropriate by 10+ members it will auto-remove it from visibility. It will then go to the admin panel. We do not censor your content- as long as it does not violate our terms, your post will not be censored by our admin team. We do not have a hidden agenda or censor post for any party, corporate entity or political platform. This is a free speech platform. We will not however allow posts that invite violence, hate speech/crimes or other illegal content. There is also a ZERO TOLERANCE policy on anything deemed pornographic. If you violate the App terms, your account may be under review with suspension or removal. Please refer to your individual group guidelines to adhere to the group specific content allowed. 

What if I see inappropriate content?

Please report to the group admin and if necessary flag the post to notify the app admin team. If the post is within a member admin group; if the post does not violate our terms we will not interfere. This will be up to the group admin to advise if the content is in violation of the group guidelines. Please always feel comfortable reporting inappropriate content. We want our community to be a safe space for all families.

Do you use “fact-checkers”?

No, we do not. If you need to check the validity of a post we recommend you research for yourself. 

Can I send photos + videos in private messages?

Currently, we are still developing the ability to send images and videos in private messages. This is planned to become active later in 2021.

How does the 30 day free trial work?

Our yearly subscription is set to offer a 30 day free trial- which means you can try our community platform for 30 days, and if you decide it’s not for you- you can cancel and never be charged. If you don’t cancel it will auto-charge your card provided for the annual fee of $15. We don’t have hidden fees or anything else that requires additional payments. After your subscription period ends, if you have not cancelled your membership it will auto-renew to keep our users from any service interruption.

Do you have any advertisers?

No, we do not. If you join specific groups i.e Buy Sell Trade groups, or a specific blogger’s group, maybe even a local business’ group- then they may have content of items they suggest. However you cannot process transactions through our app and we will not have any sponsored or paid for content. We do however have a “marketplace” for our SHOP LOCAL tab – this is a gallery style view of all the businesses that are owned by a community member. You can submit your business to be added (no MLM/ recruiting type ‘business’); these are storefronts, licensed businesses and designers. This enables our community to support one another- if you choose. It doesn’t offer product links, just a logo image and description with link to their external website. We don’t endorse any of the businesses listed but they are there for our members to view if they decide. These can only be viewed under the “SHOP LOCAL” tab on the app menu. If you don’t select that tab- you will never see the content promoted elsewhere.

Can I live-stream?

Yes, you can. You can only live stream when you schedule it; We don’t have the option for our members to all be able to live stream at the same time; we have it where the admin team can activate your live stream feature at request. You can contact our admin team to schedule when you need to live stream and it will be scheduled to do so. Live streams will generally be reserved for group admins, app admins, special events and event hosts.

How many members can be in a group?

As many as you want. There is no limit to how many members can be in a single group or how many groups any member can be in.

Where can I get the app?

After you complete the application and it is approved; we will email you an invitation specific to the email address you applied with. You can then download the app directly from the link in the website, the app store or from our website.

Who is the app for?

It’s for families, freedom lovers, truth seekers, advocates, and anyone who is interested in being apart of a community platform to keep us connected. We welcome all parents; new, seasoned, adoptive, prospective, grandparents, caregivers and legal guardians. Our app is designed for our community of freedom loving parents, parents that want to learn from other parents, parents that want to share/receive uncensored articles + research. Parents that value community. Homeschoolers, work at home parents, single parents, parents of multiples, foster parents…etc. This is a place for families and the freedoms to choose your families best parenting path. Krunchola is for ages 18 and older.

Who created the App?

Parents just like you! A team of ‘krunchola parents’ came together, worked together and created this app. The app is a by-product of years of collaboration with families from our community. Our Krunchola app was developed by an amazing digital media company located in the U.K. Our brand Krunchola.com, is a property of Krunchola, Inc. Krunchola, Inc. also owns jointhekrunch.com and all content herein.

Am I allowed to curse in my posts?

We are not going to censor your chosen language however keep in mind that the groups you are in do have regulations and may not allow cursing in posts. This is a community app and while we are here to support one another, and vent to our friends- there are others in the audience that may not enjoy an explicit- filled rant, it may be very offensive to several well-meaning members. Excessive cursing could get your post flagged by your fellow members.

What does the green check mark mean in the app?

This checkmark is a verification symbol. Your App admins will be “checked” as well as any content moderators so you know who we are. It’s that simple. Just our staff and “trusted reporters”.

How do I search posts?

At this time Krunchola posts are searchable by hashtags. To make your post searchable please add relevant hashtags for members to find your content in the search feature. I.e; if you are searching for potty training tips, in the search bar type #pottytraining, if you are looking for marriage advice – search #marriage. The possibilities are almost endless! Please add hashtags to your post so members can utilize your information. You can also find past posts on each members personal profile.

Can I save a post?

Not yet. This will be coming in a future release. However we recommend taking a screenshot for your personal record and utilizing the hashtag search feature to relocate at a later date. Anything you post ( not comments, but posts) will be located to on the bottom of your information section of your personal profile.

Can I delete posts?

Yes, you can. If you created a post and want to delete it you can do so by going into the detail view of the post by selecting the post’s info banner ( which contains your username and number of likes etc). Click on the bottom left hand corner of the post and select the delete option.

What can my username be?

Anything you want. You don’t have to have your name as your username. However your username, and city + state will be searchable so that friends of yours can find your profile. No other information will be visible on your profile.

Do you have more questions?

Email us! We are happy to answer any question we can. Simply send us an email with all your questions to info@jointhekrunch.com. A member of our admin team will contact you with answers to your questions.