Our private invite-only community is designed for parents to foster friendships, share resources, seek advice, provide healthcare recommendations, network and get support from others without having to pay with your privacy, scroll through sponsored content, or have content censored for political agendas.  

Why Join us?

We understand the need for freedom of speech + personal data privacy -especially with social media. The benefits of our online community with parents who share your values and offer support in all stages of parenthood. It is a jungle out there but don’t worry we’ve got your six.

We Value Freedoms

Freedom of speech, freedom of religion, medical freedom,…ALL the freedoms! Most importantly we value YOUR freedoms and the right you have to choose your parenting journey. We encourage open discussions. We aren’t censoring your concerns or silencing your voice. We value your right to your stance. Freedom is living life without “fact checkers”.

No Hidden Agendas

We don’t have corporate sponsors- NO BIG PHARMA here! You won’t see sponsored content and we aren’t trying to sell you products. We don’t allow advertisements or political agendas on our platform. We are an invite only community- we screen to keep individuals being paid by corporations out of our community. We have a strict NO TROLLS policy.

For Families By Families

First and foremost we are parents and we need a safe online community for our families to build and foster relationships. Every Mother needs to find her ‘tribe’ because let’s face it we all need each other. Life is better when you can enjoy it with friends who value your opinions, support your decisions and look out for your families best interest.

Supportive Community

Whether you are looking for local resources, keeping tabs on the latest world events, asking for advice, or joining homeschool meet- ups; we have a respectful community for all stages of parenting. drama-free private groups, advocacy groups, topic specific groups and more.

Invite Only Platform

Our community isn’t for everyone. That’s ok. It’s for us. We have a vetting process to keep fake accounts out/trolls. We have a small yearly subscription fee to keep our platform the way we want it- with our families best interest at heart. At just $15/ year we are certain you will get your money’s worth + more.

No Data Sharing

We don’t share or sell any of your data. We aren’t using your photos or information. We don’t use spyware. Your privacy is important to us. Feel confident when using our App to know that your information is secure. We trust our App for our own families so you can trust it for yours.

Start your journey with us now


The Application Process

  1. Apply For an Invitation; This 3-5 minute questionnaire will verify personal details, social media accounts and qualifying questions.
  2. Select Your Subscription; $2 /Monthly or $15 /Yearly.
  3. Review; Once received our admin team will review your application.
  4. Approval; Upon approval, a team member will send you a personalized email invitation.
  5. Download the App; In your e-mail it will include a link to download the Krunchola App from the APP store. (iOS + Android)
  6. Create your Account; You create your profile and start enjoying your new community! – You can then invite others to apply.


We are a family owned and operated App. No large corporations here. We have a group of fantastic families working together to provide this amazing App for your family. Like we said, It’s FOR FAMILIES BY FAMILIES!



We are very security focused. We can never be too cautious when we are protecting our families. We use ZOHO, Inc to collect, store and manage our member’s necessary information. We don’t ask for your address, just your City + State. Your information is never emailed, as ZOHO has a complete system from application, subscription processing then into the CRM. Your data is housed on private servers. Our App data is never on a shared server. Our Developers are located in the UK. There are strict data security laws in place to keep your information secure. If you have specific questions feel free to email us at join@krunchola.com. Transparency is important to us and if you have questions > we have answers.

GDPR compliant

Our Krunchola App developers, ZOHO and any third parties used are all operating by the GDPR Regulations.


When you invite someone please be prepared to either answer an email, text or call regarding verification of your invitation(s).


All Subscriptions will be processed through ZOHO subscriptions and a partnership with Stripe. Stripe will handle the payment transaction.


Our subscriptions are easy. It’s automated through ZOHO; once you submit your application – you will also submit your subscription. If your application is approved it will be processed. If your application is denied, your subscription will be cancelled and not charged.